Reviews for "Green Lights"

Very Professional Project

I was impressed by the professional content. This could pass for a trailer for a new cartoon. I don't know what the song was about but that doesn't take away from my score of 5 for this. Great work and I hope the creator goes on to become a successful artist.


very professional japanese flash music video you have here. The graphics are just awesome. The song isn't really of my taste.. but It's okay. Very nice work animating this. Very well drawn too. awesome work!

i noticed something

everyone and everything in this flash is VERY shiny...
other than that all i got out of it, is it is very asian and i can't speak it, so i'm just going to pretend i understood what i watched.

no really, this was very good and i hope you make more SENSIBLE flash in the future. :)


This was really good in terms of animation, character design & storyboarding, but I have no idea what the song was supposed to be about since most of it is in another language. Could you possibly also add English subtitles alongside the Chinese (?) ones, so that the song will be translated? Even if the translation isn't that great, it'll be far better than nothing.


I hate spanish!