Reviews for "Green Lights"

This is very good

I really like it, I hope to see more of these movies in the near future.


i dont know way i watch this but apart from the minor langue barer, its pretty good.

I did some research

Dj Quicksilver got you... ok the song is by Sun yan-zi or stefanie sun and the name of the song is Lu Guang or green lights and as for the Lyrics .powersugoi.net/tingdong/song.php?song=80 cool flash I liked it so much I had to find the song lol well here it is

I caught none of that :(

Wah, my Japanese is bad. I wish I had more time to study it...

Anyways, excellent movie. Hopefully I can come back someday and be able to understand it all :P

Just wish i knew japanesse.

New, fresh, good if i knew english would be even better. (note voted 3).