Reviews for "Green Lights"

I loved it.

The animation was awesome. Tell your friend that she did a kick-a$$ job of animating this. I'm also interested in what song this is. I did a search for Green Lights, but I didn't get anything worth looking deeper into. I'm not sure if my search engine missed something or if it's titled differently.


though im english and i couldn't understand a word i found this very cute and interesting, the graphics were great, your friend can draw very well, by the way? name of song?


that was amazing, i didn't understand the language it was in XD but it was really amazing the graphics were awsome and i could tell it must have required a lot of skill to make, i praise you for your amazing work! *praises* i especialy liked the funny green wings, they were awsome

keep up the work :D



I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND A CRAP! Please do something on english? Ooooor Norwegian??

pretty cool

wow, your friend is really talented; i really loved the art in this. the song wasn't that bad and all the images and whatnot went well with the parts i understood ^_^. i esp liked the wing part- those were very cool looking; hope to see more from your friend too!