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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Good but boring

Incredibly boring, they just stood there looking at eachother, I know its scenes like that in western-movies but then you know the characters, and have followed a story line.
A short flash movie cant give you tension like that I guess.
Really awesome art, but 1800-century cowboys are alot cooler than these cyber-weapon wielding guys.
Great work, but more should have happened!

poxpower responds:

Good point. And if I made cowboys, it would be SUCH a ripoff. Yes that was sarcasm : (

But the lack of a 2h30min movie before this really does take some away. But then it makes you less sad. That's why I had to put the sad faice haha

Best animation ever

Well what can i say was kinda slow, but damn it was aweosme, powerful, it showed everyones character in diffrentways, but wow, watch it you won't be dissapointed, ohh and it seemed to have a sci-fi western feel to it, 8.5 is the score i give it

poxpower responds:

you gave 8.

Excellent drawing...

...but I think the overall balance of the movie - e.g. build-up vs. climax - is somewhat skewed. The finale is over in a sec - but then again being shot is, too. Enjoyed it, still I think you could shorten it a little bit to make it even more tense.

Good enough

You mostly submit games here, so it was really cool to see you make a normal cartoon. The weakness of this submission is that it really does need action. Some of the animation is not that great, but given the way it was made, I can definitley understand that. It seemed like a lot of images put together. It is still quite watchable, as you have to appreciate all of the work and effort put into making it. I guess I could try looking for some hidden themes, but I should just enjoy this for being artsy.

Yes and no, mostly no

The graphics were superb dude
but you failed to entertain me
I mean you used the same images so maaany times
it's like watching 3 time the same movie, the same scene loops over and over..it was endless...
and there wasn'T much animation, just some zoom in/out, some tweening here and there...
it's not really original as it's the same scene in the good, the bad and the ugly...
the music was good tho...
So yeah, you're an artist trying to be an animator I respect that but next time there's a lot of thing you might wanna consider, originality, sounds, story, animation
Keep it up