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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


This was really great!!!

I really enjoyed watching..thank you for making this..

nice drawing en really perfect sounds .. great music..

not a bad thing to say about it..

if this 1 doesn't make the frontpage ... I am going 2 eat my shoe ...


poxpower responds:

well if it does make the frontpage, I'm going to stuff my dirty undies down my throat.
So either way, someone's eathing something nasty because of this thing

Spellbinding, A tribute to the classics

I won't bother mentioning Sergio Leone, most everyone on NewGrounds won't know who that is. But none the less, this is a brilliant adaptation of the old spagehtti western not only into the future, but into flash as well. You certainly captured the essence of the genre. Brilliant.

poxpower responds:

there's alwaus people to cheer you up when making blunders.

I love you sir.

That was SUPER SWEET!!

Good job!!!!

Fellow Catholic!!

LOVED the ending! hahahaha

poxpower responds:

fellow catholic?
I'm satanist. Or botanist. Wait...
everyone died. No one is spared from the wrath of Allah.

One work F^&K!

That was amazing...
GREAT Build up in that very well written amazing ideas and great animating.
The suspense is unmatchable and this film truely deserves a proper award that Full blown films get.
This was extradoniary.Deserves six out of Five
IN any other film the repetition of the scenes would be scorned upon but here it looks amazing.
But I'm left with one question
I know where they are from but WHY were they there? Why were they at that three way duel?
Why did they have to kill each other that day?
Some sort of Competition?
I really don't get it..

poxpower responds:

I'm a man of few words.


Excellent work, my friend. I hope to make my flash grab my viewers by the collar and hold them in their seats as this piece has done to me.

I am very impressed.

Also, that last part was a much needed breath of comic relief. :P