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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

not bad at all.

Nice work on translating the end of the good, the bad, and the ugly into flash. it looks like you put alot of work into this. However, as i recall, only one person dies in the end. ((well, in that scene at least.)) well, whatever. nice job.

alright i guess

dude ur a good artist and all but u need to add some back ground and storyline to ur flash but its still pretty great even if this is just ur rough draft

poxpower responds:

man people just don't get it :/

yep i liked it

Although some (including u) may think this is not original, it actually is. There arent alot of flash movies with this cool comic book based visual style. And nowadays u dont see western situation like this much more. The music was ok and added a little drama to the movie. It somehow felt like something tarantino would make, probably cause his recent movie kill bill 2 is also a tribute to western movies. Too bad u overdid the motiontweening a little bit and the characters were pretty much strangers. Some background bout their lifes would do the animation good.

poxpower responds:

well its original because there is only gun and boob crap on ng usually, so I'll admit this is slightly more stylish. But nonetheless, it sucked compared to what i wanted to do :/

Yes and no, mostly no

The graphics were superb dude
but you failed to entertain me
I mean you used the same images so maaany times
it's like watching 3 time the same movie, the same scene loops over and over..it was endless...
and there wasn'T much animation, just some zoom in/out, some tweening here and there...
it's not really original as it's the same scene in the good, the bad and the ugly...
the music was good tho...
So yeah, you're an artist trying to be an animator I respect that but next time there's a lot of thing you might wanna consider, originality, sounds, story, animation
Keep it up

Good, but flawed work.

I liked this. The whole style of it was very cool, reminded me almost of the show Firefly, where it has that Western twang to it, but in a more modern sci-fi setting.

The plot was OK, would have been nice if it was longer and more detailed as to why each man was standing against the other and whatnot. The ending was quite a disapointment really, I expected some kind of resolution other than "they all shhot each other and die".

I like the way this was drawn, although it did mean that animation wasd kept fairly minimal. This had an almost sort of comic book feel to it, with each different shot being a different panel. Still, nice job!