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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

hell no

the graphics are good but its the only thing good in that

poxpower responds:

that and the song.
good song.
and graphics. Minus the eyes. Motion = terrible. If any of you think you can criticise this movie more than me, I'm challenging you haha

Looks beautiful, but man, it's just boring.

You need some narration and more sound effects. It will help this flash a lot. And the ending ruins the whole point of watching the first few minutes.

poxpower responds:

if you got bored just watching it, imagine how I felt making it O.O

wth waz up w/ that

that was way too fuckin' drawn out. i waz startin' to get irritaded by the lack of anything happening. i waz kinda glad when all 3 of them died. the graphics were really good tho, i have to give you that


*SNORT* huh..? wuh>..? oops yeah im awake.


This would have been good had it not dragged on for so long.