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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Looks like

Carlos Ezquerra's work. Are u a fan? He's the creator of Judge Dredd, and Strontium Dog, there's a smiliarity in art style (which I personally love).
Nice work, love the music, how could you not?

An advice

You used mostly flat colors. That means you could have traced it to vector. Maybe it would require a lot of clean up (removing excess bezier points, etc), but it would reduce the size of the file, I think. Not that it's too big, the size is accetable now. But it would have it's advantages

poxpower responds:

hm... wait do you mean do that automatically with a function in flash ( I have Flash5) or actually waste my time tracing over every picture and coloring it O.O

Good art

I suddenly want towatch The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

Very well done

One of those flashes that just makes me sit back and admire the craftsmanship. Very nice work I say.

poxpower responds:

admire more : )

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just some helpful remarks and random thoughts

ok the art is good, the second guy is rather GIjoe-ish and the 3rd guy is very titan AE its nothing too thrilling but the artwork is noteworthy work on those animating skills and you could be a top 10