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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


This would have been good had it not dragged on for so long.


Has anyone seen my Good the bad and the ugly dvd?
It seems to be missing...

poxpower responds:


Maybe it up your ass. See, I'm so clever, I used the word "ass" in my joke. Didn't that make my joke good for you?

U know what u *****

I gave you a 5 on the vote but here 0 BECUSE it was a very nice movie untill the END no slowmotion NOTHING just a speeded upp NEWBIE animation when the shoting started OMG FFS if you start something MAKE sure you finish it Good NOT CRAPPY anyway.... remeber this to your next movie please.. i liked you way of drawing this

poxpower responds:

I fail :o
I started it, and finished it, but I rushed haha

a mime is a terrible thing to waste

okay you are definitely a great artist but your storyboarding sucks. So howcome mr blonde no eyes is so angry did his kid piss em off and now he wants to go shoot people. Mr robot man wants to just keep up his shot training and happened to be at the junkyard. Father spankypantsworriedhesgonnadie just prayed one day and decided to shoot someone??? these and other questions must be answered before you flash again!

poxpower responds:

to answer your questions:

-blonde guy is angry because he has hemmroids
-gun training is for the real thing afterwards. duh.
-he's a muslim. I was to lazy to animate a suicide bombing.