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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


That was alright, but it was just a lot of motion tweens and had little action, come on man you could do better!

poxpower responds:

I could indeed do a lot better.
haha but I'm not just going to write "this movie sucks, I know, but vote high anyways" now am I?
So I took the pussy way out and just... submitted it. Next things I do will be better. I promise :(

reminds a bit reservoir dogs

shit happens..... fine .

poxpower responds:

nah you're crazy

Nice, but....

Firstly - really nice art. Animation was a bit... "Frame by frame." Not quite as smooth as it could / should have been. The music was nice, but there was very little that happend, so unfortunately no dialogue. There seemed to be only a few scenes, just jumping about them Tarantino-style. However, as a prologue it's very nice, but it isn't a prologue. Just seems to lack any real action, especially as the actual firing scene is simply the white sauce on black deal.

A lot of potential mate, but just lacks a few basic things that would have made it 10 / 10. Keep it up!

Where was the Watch?

Nice futuristic remake of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

A Classic Remade

I'm getting really annoyed by these revieweres who have no idea what the hell they're talking about. This is obviously a "remake" of the last gunfight in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.One problem though, the ending was terrible. Granted, you weren't going for a whole storyline... but that joke has been done to death in the past. Fantastic artwork. I LOVE Ennio Morricone. So an A+ for sound too. But work a little harder on wrapping things up next time.