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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


i liked it and all,but...seriously man i was falling asleep frikin tim mins of them standing there looking like retards only to all shoot eachother..other than that its was ok good graphics at least ..

Good Art

I'm a bit jealous of your art skills, but your animating skills sucks no offence, it was very hard to watch, because normally it wouldn't take that long to shoot a guy. If I was there, "Ahh, fuck it" and shoot the people like there was no tomorrow, good art, bad idea, work on ur animating skills, and basic thought of a timeline, and your work will be Godly.

poxpower responds:

yes.... well your plot sucks as well. Sorry. I know most kids on ng like to see people shot at each other for no reason, so I though I'd have some people not shot at each other for no reason. Clever, eh?

hell no

the graphics are good but its the only thing good in that

poxpower responds:

that and the song.
good song.
and graphics. Minus the eyes. Motion = terrible. If any of you think you can criticise this movie more than me, I'm challenging you haha

too bad

first part you make so long i was afraid i was going to fall asleep, and than the good part(the shooting) takes about -- ohhh- 2 seconds?

that's nasty..

real nasty.

a little tip

great art. Too bad about the transparent bodyparts.

very helpful, and I use it too, is not to fade every part to alpha 0%. But to make a layer that fades in to alpha 100% in the color that you want. It would work fine in your movie and spares a lot of time.

good luck!

poxpower responds:

eh.. I don't see how that could really save any time anyways. Meh I rushed the making of the eyes and all that shit. I just made movie clips for the eyes and added them directly to the symbol of the corresponding character.
saved a lot of time and trouble...