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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Not bad...

Ok... even if this makes no sense at all, it's an amazingly good concept you got there... these futuristic knight/cowboys... I like it...

This seems like the start of a very interesting series... I hope. Good job... but try to put a little more sense in your movies dood.

poxpower responds:

If I make a serie out of this, you have to pay me a million dollars per year, because that's how much money I'd have to spend on anit-depressants.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

But...which ones which?;)
Great style

poxpower responds:

this one is actually a spin on the old classic "Three little pigs".


= ]

= O

= D

8 D

8 O

= [

; ]

poxpower responds:




i gave it a ten humor cause that was funny as fuck... damn ur predictable.. it was fucking boring but good job it was a good animation fuck face... eat cunt i vote 5

poxpower responds:

ok what is there to predict in there anyways???
There is like 9 possibilities. And 6 of them are completely unlikely.
Anyways, I like your style of being a douche. Har har ahr : )

That was SUPER SWEET!!

Good job!!!!

Fellow Catholic!!

LOVED the ending! hahahaha

poxpower responds:

fellow catholic?
I'm satanist. Or botanist. Wait...
everyone died. No one is spared from the wrath of Allah.