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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Spellbinding, A tribute to the classics

I won't bother mentioning Sergio Leone, most everyone on NewGrounds won't know who that is. But none the less, this is a brilliant adaptation of the old spagehtti western not only into the future, but into flash as well. You certainly captured the essence of the genre. Brilliant.

poxpower responds:

there's alwaus people to cheer you up when making blunders.

I love you sir.

Dude... yeah

I'm sorry. The highest I could give you was 10. I wanted higher numbers... but they just weren't there. No matter how hard I tried... it wouldn't scroll past 10. I'm sorry... I have failed you.

poxpower responds:

well you can always come back and vote 5 every day, and also vote 0 on every other movie in the portal. Yeah. Do that.


Great news has hit, a new one is comming out. www.review.orcon.net.nz has provided all the stuff for you guys to read about and it even includes a small trailer for it. I defianitly can't wait.


good job man!


Elaborate on this! Make a story out of this! This pwnz!