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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


Beautiful, the sound did match the movie quite well. They were both boring. Its just reminded me of the shoot out scenes in the old westerns...long and boring. Tombstone comes to mind. Im suprised you didn't flash to the grass growing. The other thing is I thought they were standing in piss, did you forget to include the ground? There was no shadowing of the ground when you did the close ups, only on the birds eye view. You may want to look into that, if you ever do an action movie that would be great. But there was no drama, no storyline, an idea of who they were but not why they were there. So we are just sitting here, watching a cop, a priest and a father shoot each other...wait...no. We see them dead. Thats it. Room for improvement, but only in the story line man. Everything else was awesome.

Who was the guys with the beard?

I did not recognize him from any cartoon. And just the record, Masters of the Universe beats X-Men anytime.

poxpower responds:

that would be Fred Flinstone, from the cartoon "Samurai Pizza cats".

An advice

You used mostly flat colors. That means you could have traced it to vector. Maybe it would require a lot of clean up (removing excess bezier points, etc), but it would reduce the size of the file, I think. Not that it's too big, the size is accetable now. But it would have it's advantages

poxpower responds:

hm... wait do you mean do that automatically with a function in flash ( I have Flash5) or actually waste my time tracing over every picture and coloring it O.O

Good art

I suddenly want towatch The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

i loved it

i liked the music
i liked the atmosphere
i like the intensity (maybe it dragged a tiny tiny bit)i liked how much it reminded me of the film (that seemed to go on forever to)
i liked the characters

I really really liked it :)

Excellent work