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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


That was alright, but it was just a lot of motion tweens and had little action, come on man you could do better!

poxpower responds:

I could indeed do a lot better.
haha but I'm not just going to write "this movie sucks, I know, but vote high anyways" now am I?
So I took the pussy way out and just... submitted it. Next things I do will be better. I promise :(

That Was Amazing

But the frowny face at the end just ruined it all. What was the point of that? It kind of ruined the experience. Maybe I'm being overly judgemental.

poxpower responds:

if you only knew how much willpower it took from me to not ruin this even more. Haha man, I've been at this since like January. I did all the drawings in one week, colored them in 2, and then just got extremly bored with animating this crap and the eyes and facial expressions all look like shit.
so I just had to refrain for drawing giant penises flying in the background and insterting fart noises when you see that army guy's butt up close. it was sooooo damn tempting.

Nice, but....

Firstly - really nice art. Animation was a bit... "Frame by frame." Not quite as smooth as it could / should have been. The music was nice, but there was very little that happend, so unfortunately no dialogue. There seemed to be only a few scenes, just jumping about them Tarantino-style. However, as a prologue it's very nice, but it isn't a prologue. Just seems to lack any real action, especially as the actual firing scene is simply the white sauce on black deal.

A lot of potential mate, but just lacks a few basic things that would have made it 10 / 10. Keep it up!

A Classic Remade

I'm getting really annoyed by these revieweres who have no idea what the hell they're talking about. This is obviously a "remake" of the last gunfight in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.One problem though, the ending was terrible. Granted, you weren't going for a whole storyline... but that joke has been done to death in the past. Fantastic artwork. I LOVE Ennio Morricone. So an A+ for sound too. But work a little harder on wrapping things up next time.


i liked it and all,but...seriously man i was falling asleep frikin tim mins of them standing there looking like retards only to all shoot eachother..other than that its was ok good graphics at least ..