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Thousand Dollar Soul

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A dark "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style interactive fiction game. Written by me, with art by the very talented Michael Swain.

This thing took forever to write, and I think I broke some blood vessels in my brain trying to keep all the parallel scenarios consistent with what can actually be changed via player choices. I hope you enjoy it -- feel free to leave comments about what you enjoyed and what sucks for if I decide to write another one later (yeah, I know, TL;DR... the full text is something like 80 pages, but there are plenty of other instantly fun games on the site).

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Yeah it makes me boring.....

Still like it.

got this game had played it first when it was launched on konggregate

i know the music
it's asteroidblues
he's here

GregLoire responds:

Yep! The in-game music links are broken now, but here are the 3 tracks (you're thinking of the first one):




Re-played this gem here for a bit, never gets old.

But, no matter how good of a story this is, I am not here to talk about it. I came here for you Greg! (nohomothough)

When are you going to finish the sequel? you told me it would have a sequel! I don't care if have a daily job, or if you don't have time or if you just have other things to do, just give us the sequel goddamn it!


Jokes aside, I came back here to remind you mate, you're awesome.
Just wave a flag or something dude, we need to know if you are alive, if you are going to do the sequel or work on another game, or quit doing then, that would be nice.

GregLoire responds:

Ahhh, thanks for the support/pressure!

The sequel is still mostly in my head; I'm ironing out some details, but I have all the major events planned out. I'm starting the first draft right now, but it's probably still a few years away from being finished.

HOWEVER, your comment motivated me to update my previously empty reality-tunnels.com domain with a rough timeline of the prologue. So, thanks!