Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


That was pretty freakin awesome. I always loved the choose your own adventure books. I kept playing until I had all of the endings, and I loved how the story progressed and added to itself as you 'collected' endings until you had a real good picture of the whole story. I haven't read any of the other comments, but I can only imagine you are getting mostly praise on this. A few comments to be helpful:

1. In your in-game commentary you are right, the artwork doesn't always suit what is going on in the story. That could be improved upon, but it really didn't detract. It just would make it even better.

2. Of course even though this was all discombobulated, it would have been awesome if the story was even longer.

3. Not really a suggestion, but one thing I did like is that despite all of the things that happen in the story you do keep everything consistent. Many choose your own adventure tales the different endings are completely unrelated, sometimes existing in obviously different universes. Granted that can be fun too.

All in all great work. 5/5 9/10 Keep it up.

Oh my...

Its the first time I play a game like this one.
My firsts endings where all the evil ones, I wonder if Im a bad person (Sigh)
I want to see every ending! But its 1:41 AM so I think I'll play tomorrow again.
Great story, nice music, cool drawing style.

very nice and sadistic

this game lets you think..but man this is a ery messed up kid! keep up the good job.


I love the concept and the depth of the timeline. Initially I thought it kind of a cheesy plotline, but digging deeper, it's one of the smartest stories I've seen in a while. I fully recommend making a sequel of some sort, because this was nothing short of a 10/10.

oh, and 5/5.

Loved It

This was really well thought out. I've always loved interactive games but this one made me really think about 'Future Todd's' real life. It's sad but still entertaining. Great Job!