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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

Great game.

I think i get the plot. Todd the person who you choose his decisions isn't real right?
He's actually just a memory of Future Todd who uses this machine that looks like an earpiece to go into a virtual world of his memories.
It took me awhile to understand the whole plot.

im simply blown away

this must be the best flash game with the best story on the internet, at times its extremely dark and scary, which makes the story veryyy interesting.

im one of those guys that puts story first in any game and gameplay second, this was amazing, and this is a great start for a collection heck maybe even make it a series, like maybe in the final episode, the most powerful ending would like if the main character destroys the company forging the devices.

BTW i think the most powerful ending was 16 and 18 because it explained everything and i love it how clint was like, enjoy every moment of your THOUSAND-DOLLAR SOUL. THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THESE TWO ENDINGS IS AMAZING. GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP.

Got all the endings!!!! :D

This is a really good game!

The depth of the storyline and the interplay of it all is simply fantastic!

5/5! ^_^

Simply amazing...

To be honest i wasn't expecting much at first...The artwork wasn't INCREDIBLE and the beggining was a bit boring...But damn i had played this game for like 2-3 fucking hours...I thought it was kind of boring but JUST when the AngelFire came i got some nice interest into this. And , of course , i unlocked endings...But there's something i don't get , in one ending (BIG SPOILER , DON'T READ) It says he hears a scream and then another scream that sounds a bit muffler...Did future todd raped her or killed her or what? I don't get it...Still , it is a MASTER PIECE. I know it is WAY too 'hard' to make a sequel. But i'm still gonna be waiting for it. I hope more of ur work and this actually showed me Swain can make more than simply BlockHead and all those humoristic dark things.

One of the greatest games ever to grace newgrounds

Absolutely and without a doubt brilliant. Well written dialogue (which is an incredible rarity in flash games), a brilliant smart sci-fi storyline told in a way that actually makes use of an interactive medium without getting overly excited with it's own cleverness and forgetting to make well developed characters like clever sci-fi often can. I sincerely hope you write another game in a similar vein because this has honestly made me think of flash games as a media in a better light. I'd also love to see this adapted to a more adventure game type interface or see some of your work in that genre. Again brillaint work, keep it up.

GregLoire responds:

True story: I'm working on a second one, and I hit a lull for a couple of months, but your kind words encouraged me to work on it more last weekend.

So basically what I'm saying is that if I finish it and it turns out to really suck, it's all your fault!