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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


Pure epic... You would go through pick your answers then go back and pick a few more hoping to answer the question you had about the ending you just got to get hit with even more i love it good work sir hope to see more...

deep, very very deep and i love the music

this has to be one of the most deep, well thought out, enjoyable, immersing flash games ive played in a long while.

and i love the concept here, i went along thinking about the time travel story until the part where you spot the oddities and then i remembered the title and so on.

all in all, i loved it and i hope i come across more games like this from you =)

Well done!

I think this was one of the best Choose Your Own Adventure stories I've ever read! I don't think it was really as hard to get all the endings as you let on, though, it just takes a little persistence. I managed to get 33 endings before I decided to check the walkthrough and unlock the last two, though it really was well-written.


This is way better than most "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories. For one thing, your decisions seem to fairly affect the outcome. If you have a bad outcome, it's because you made a definitively bad decision.

The plot is great. It really kept me guessing. Also, I had to get all 35 endings. Great job. I love this and your previous works too. Keep it up.

Just one hopefully spoiler-free question: In Ending #30, has Future Todd gone through with it or left?


Dammit Future Todd leave me alone I dont want to rape or kill no one