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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


This was very interesting to play. I finished in about half an hour with all endings. Definatly an interesting choose your adventure, and very unique. Honestly, my only critique would be to have the charatcers change clothes a bit. Maybe a bit of voice acting. Other then that, i really got nothing negative to say. Good job. Plus, drawn by the Swain. How cool is that.

I like how you don't have to give the bitch any mo

oney, why the hell would you, it's silly


I'm shocked... This is bloody phenomenal!
I never took this much time and effort to complete such a game, or ANY game for the matter... I'm certainly speechless.
A movie on this subject would feel too much of a ripoff of Butterfly Effect or Run Lola Run, though.
I just feel emotionally attached to the characters, not just cause all of us had our similar moments (as Todd), but also cause of the writing style...
...Too much to say, mostly cause I know how difficult thinking of and about these things can be...

Keep it up.... ;)

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! I haven't seen The Butterfly Effect, but I'm familiar with the premise (there's a lot of similar underlying chaos theory-ish philosophy in Jurassic Park, which actually was a pretty big inspiration for me, even with the lack of dinosaurs here).

I liked Run Lola Run a lot, but I hadn't even noticed the similarities until this review. I'm suddenly feeling a lot less original now!


this was an enjoyable entertaining original story. i found 8/35 endings it has good amount of replay valuefor sure. i love the story i won't spoil much for others but time travel for an obsession is a good plot. the music is awesome goes with each part of story. i only whish there was a narrator.

intresting game

darn there sure are alot of endings, a good game but couldn't really get into it