Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

I thought this would suck..

Boy, was I wrong..
The music really set the mood too, especially in the bad ends. x.x'
**Ending #34 is the best fucking one though. So much closure, and Future Todd is finally at peace in his own time.**

A film deal can't be far away.

Brilliant. It's sad and bittersweet, but perfectly written and inspiring. I'm not always a fan of the text-laden choose you own adventures, but this was another level - I HAD to get all 35 endings.

Particularly enjoyed ending 16, which I got after about half an hour play and finally filled me in, and endings 21 and 22, which were the last ones I got and amazingly ended on something of a 'real' nature, if not being somewhat sad. It's testament to your creation that every single option bar one can lead to a different ending; there doesn't seem to be any loops anywhere.

Improvements? Um, I don't know, it would have been nicer as a full blown comic, but that's probably getting a little greedy.

Great job.

Real Work of Art

Absolutely outstanding. The artwork was amazing, the music was amazing, and the work you put into the story and the diverging endings was staggering. Beautiful job.
By the way, have you made the music available for download elsewhere?

GregLoire responds:

Yeah, check the credits.


This game definitely deserves a higher score than 3.86. The story was really interesting and complex. And you added a button to go back to the previous choice! Kinda stinks when you have to restart from the beginning every time you want to find a different ending.

wow incredible story and that best ending was actually pretty beautiful with the perfect tone of music in it your a brilliant writer hope to see more work from you in the future