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(I wrote some really dumb shit here etc.)

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real interesting

i get it, i understand it, and this is just another perspective to ponder. and i enjoy it!
great animation!

fishes float like ideas in serene ponds of gray

Oh my freakin' god. This is one of the best experimental Flash movies ever. An experimental poem, with experimental pictures, packed with experimental music, in an experimental package.* Anyways, to make the long review short, this is freakin' cool.

*A sentance with the overdose of the word 'experimental'.


now that was interesting. nice poetry, it really made me think. But it was very pesimistic and dark. I don t think that that every day is the same but does it really matter even if it is. You have to enjoy every second like it s your last. But i agree with your last verse: Fishes we are all fishes living in a massive sea. We as humans really don t know what we are doing. So without any real knowledge we walk through our lives. You really have a interesting way of thinking. Thank you for this intelligent piece of art.


The animations were all very well done and connected smoothly, but the message in poetry was a little hard to grasp.


It had some kind of message but I really didn't get it.
And that's what makes this so good.
Oh and did you need to show that guy in his underwear?