Reviews for "[fishes]"

I like it!

It has a really interesting charm to it. Im quite impressed, I like the poem or was it a monologue? It was thoughtful and got my gears turning. The animation mixed with film was interesting and I liked the stylized art. Great job! Its really thought provoking.

not bad not bad.

It was okay, some of the wording could have been refined to have more feeling/depth in my opinion and you failed to kind of, "create a tie" with the viewer if u ask me. other than that it was good, the text at times seemed a bit fast, i am aware that it wasn't too fast to be read but it was too fast to be read if you wanted to fully capture the animation/still/video that was in its background.

oh and somebody said they were wondering why it was called "fishes" then they figured it out in the end! good on you i kind of agree but uhh.. i still dont get why its called Fishes and not Fish. >_< yar, the plural of fish is fish xD

anyways, good stuff lad


I really enjoyed this.
At first i wasnt really sure
what was going on and then
it all hit me.

Very nice!

Not bad

I sat through it all, just to say i'd watched it. But honestly its not really my thing.

Still, i'm sure many people will enjoy it :)

My only real critism is you could do with a theosourus, you use the same words (insignificant for example) so many times they loos their effect.

Not too shabby!

You know, I didn't think that would be all that good, but it surprised me, and it's very true, those idea's you put in there. I was wondering why it was called fishes but you explained that in the end which was also good. And I like the ant analogy, that was good too. Nice animations too, keep up the good work! One thing though, make the writing last longer, some of it went by a bit too quickly to make out, but otherwise, good job.