Reviews for "[fishes]"

<3 I loved it

Beautiful and thought provoking...

notorious responds:

hey old friend

great movie

this is the kind of movie you hate too admit is true but you know deep down that it is, regardless one of the most intriguing movies i've ever seen 5'd

notorious responds:



that was deep. I like deep.

notorious responds:

i like YOU!:):):)

that was just beautiful

i cant say i have ever seen anything this lovely and haunting on here.
and now i have to go watch all of your other flash.
the video edits were great and the whole thing reminded me of the early 90's, like when mtv was shoving spoken word down everybodies throats.
great job.

notorious responds:

lol thanks and good luck watching all my shit i have over 40 submissions

might take ya a few days


u are completely correct, and whats more amazing is that you managed to create an animation of this magnitude portraying your thoughts and feelings, im sure that not a lot understand and most disagree. i dont think that "nice style" or "really deep" as some people might call it is what you are looking for because it is too unoriginal. i cannot describe this, and i wont try but i will give you a good score nonetheless.