Reviews for "[fishes]"

i don't know

sorry i dont get it, what was that about? perhaps im not the artist type... but it was just random things to me, i have to accept that there are good animations but with no sense to me

It was ok

To be honest, I know this is an expirement, but I think the music was too loud and fussy to suit the style you had choosen for this piece and ruined the atmospehere at the end. Although, some techniques used were very good!
Btw 199,998 eyelids. And Mine (we all have 2 you know)

Loved It

i thought it was amazing and very well thought out and executed Well done!


I can tell there was a lot of emotion and feeling put into this and to be honest its one of the best things Ive seen on newgrounds.

Dont listen to everyone else who just wants to watch bathroom humor 24/7. This was good.


i like the artistic factor but it got boring