Reviews for "[fishes]"

Humbly, I disagree

Sure, the world is full of many fishes, but artists like you and me contemplate the water, and that makes us more than a fish, or an ant, or whatever scurrying worker animal is like those suits walking down Wall St. each day... I find hope in the contemplation, and then daring to break from the pack and do what others don't... how many fish make experimental films?

your own creativity argues against your film's thesis ;)

so do more stuff like this! you're no fish... :D

that was realy good

it was realy good but i dident get what it was about? but it was realy good

its sad.

Liked it, it was put together perty good to get your message of how you feel right now. I've also found myself thinking this way, I am 1 of billions out their what makes me special right? well first off all, dude you got talent, and not many people can get through and influence peoples way of thinking like u did with this flash. You'll get through this phase, i did, n when you do try to use that talent to make somethin possitive, something that gives more meaning to life cause cmon iknow you need to expreess how you feel, but do u really want to poisen other people with this way of thinkin? Well good luck with the art.

life is like... yeah

yur crazy dude. i know a llot of pewple dont like the experimental films as much but i think it was deep. great. it's an idea that's been used before but not enough for it to be cliche. hi-five! yeah.


You are a great artist, and this was really creative and i enjoyed it. But i got a bit bored near the end so thats why i gave an 8 instead of a 10, but thats probably just me, i can't watch somthing for longer than 20 seconds without seeing violence or explosions :) Good job though, keep at it.