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Very interesting concept on life, but to keep an open mind, your video is just nimber 99,999 in a massive sea of others too... to say your video is depressing is not what I want to point out, but there are billions of different views of how life and society works: ants, bees, mud-house birds (live in colonies)

we animals are all the same, EXCEPT for one extremely huge difference in humans

and that iz that Humans, unlike other animals, have the ability to change their environment, no ant bee or even elphant changes the environment they are placed in, but they adapt to it and evolve. whether you like it or not, every human has a choice everday to do something, whether to run out the door and join the circus or to follow the instructions of our super-elders who are wiser then us (as they put it) and know "better"

If there is nething i learned so far in life is that everyone on the planet are the same (99.9% to be exact), like u said, ur just another little ant, but unlike an ant we can revolt, think and revolutionize other ants to think how we do,... and if we do this another colony is made
(but this is my perspective)

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great input , thanks for the good review!


that was ill

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<3 I loved it

Beautiful and thought provoking...

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hey old friend


this is as true as it will ever get.

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tru dat

not quite...


i honestly had the most open mind you could get before i reviewed this and i was expecting some poor reviews as you told people to keep an open mind...when i saw the 10's and your average of 9.5 i guess i expected it to be much more than what it was...

the animation is ...ok you could have done it without tracing
the music was increasingly annoying
the poem was incredible

i wish i could feel the need to give you a full ten but to many important factors where missing , but there is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to acheive this next animation :D

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