Reviews for "[fishes]"

Very interesting.

All in all, very interesting. Very pessimistic undertones, too. Too often do we see optimistic 'life is good' stuff, and this was a pleasant change. Loved your style, but, I do agree that the poetry was a tad pretentious.

Oh, and forgive me, I can't resist.
In Soviet Russia, the options choose you.

Really makes you think...

Thats what I love most most about expirimental flashes,
They have the tendency to make you think differently.
This, was one of those flashes.

i mean

it was okay. it got repetitive and the whole poetry thing got to be a little pretentious. I loved the animation part, that whole part with the blurry bubbles over video footage. If it was all more like that I would have given this a 9 or 10. i understand you weren't going for what i'm asking for, i'm just saying i felt the strong points of it were in those animation bits, not in the poetry/writing

Animated cake

This was really neat, I like the rotoscoped effect in parts of it. the middle section was a bit dodgey and yr writing could use a bit of work, but overall you've got a nice style. i'd say stick with the style you animate in during the introduction and outro. nice work.

Not too shabby!

i really did like the choice of colors, movement, and music. there is a point i would have to disagree with. when you say everything is random- and then say today is tomorrow yesterday etc.. you are saying all time exists at once. SO! that means nothing is random. everything happens for a reason.
anywho thats just my 2 cents. i voted a 4. you put alot of time in to this and its obvious. great job hope to see more soon.