Reviews for "[fishes]"

Great atmosphere

Another provocative and interesting animation. This one is a "day in the life" of a teen who seems tired of the daily grind and imagines that all of life is a daily circuitous grind. The next step would be the introduction of something that disturbs the routine, whether self-generated or coming from an outside force. Realization can be beautiful or it can be a bitch.


Wow, this was very poetic and really insightful, I hardly doubt I'll be able to do anything again without considering what it means in the greater scheme of my day :) Glad to see you're still making animations, great music too.

notorious responds:

wow long time no see, i thought you left newgrounds man

thanks for the good review!

free wil (the lack of)

i have already deduced that almost every action commited by a sane human, can be attributed to these conditions:
continuing of personal life, or the next generation
raising the chance of mating
getting a better mate, or more mates
increasing these chances for the next generation (personal child)

when you learn this, and truely understand it, then you will have free will.
because you will be able to truely control your descisions. aside from the fact that they are still all unconciously controlled :P


sounds like a good teen thought process you've got going there...

I enjoyed it, very sentimental, v good artwork - soundtrack wasnt great... but i guess added to the mood... meh. 4/5

kick ass!

ur animation style is like mine, its cool. nice rotoscoping. i have the same bed covers as you lol. you use a tablet right? using a mouse for somthing like this would be murder i tells ya