Reviews for "[fishes]"

...That was fantastic.

That has been the best thing I've ever seen on Newgrounds - and believe me, I've seen a lot. That was gorgeous, and I loved the free verse poetry style; it appealed to my poetic and creative nature, heh. I love how you went personal with the footage of your surroundings and you yourself: it really helped secure my connection with the animation. I'm envious that you could make such a stunning concept into a reality, and if you ever do release a large scale film, I really hope to see it. Best of luck.


cool tunes, dawg


Amazing, a peice of surrealism painstakingly and beutifully animated. A movie with a message about life. Fantastic.


Fantastic! It reminded me of when I was 16 and then I check your profile and alas, you're 16! Great! I hope you keep evolving over the years so that when you're 23 I have to go to the movies to watch your latest film, rather than NG! :D

notorious responds:

i'm workin on it :)


Pure excellency.