Reviews for "[fishes]"

deary deary me oh my

i give you five for an attempt at an artistic vision, but i must say the attitude of hopelessness could have been better represented, im going to have to agree with the opinions of the others that have reviewed, it seems jumbled and all over the place, almost repetative and predictable, ive heard and read things like this in many poetry nights at many coffee shops, but kudos for expressing yourself...

review by wasb

ok, i have no idea which direction you were going in this animation, now i liked the movements, the animation etc. BUT the plot was so all over the place i kinda got bored, you went to far if you ask me.


I love your art style and I think the concept is very interesting, but fella, you need to take some damn philosophy classes. You are WAY undereducated on this subject matter. You focus so carefully the insignificant things, like the number of steps to reach school, and the ants no one notices, and all those important things that no one really notices, and yet, you yourself say they don't matter. The point shouldn't be that everything is the same and nothing matters. It should be that EVERYTHING matters and is NOT insignificant. I don't believe you yourself even really feel that way. Please give this some real thought; also there are others out there you can connect with who can help you flesh out these thoughts and give them some meaning in your life. I used to feel the way you think you do, and believe me, there is so much more than you currently see.


Excellent artistry, but everything is more significant than you give yourself and everyone else. ^_^


u are completely correct, and whats more amazing is that you managed to create an animation of this magnitude portraying your thoughts and feelings, im sure that not a lot understand and most disagree. i dont think that "nice style" or "really deep" as some people might call it is what you are looking for because it is too unoriginal. i cannot describe this, and i wont try but i will give you a good score nonetheless.