Reviews for "[fishes]"

I gave you a 10/10

even though i know all of your animation is just video footage traced.
You dont see this kinda stuff on newgrounds and you dont see this kind of art anywhere.

Props to you.

This is real art - a rare thing that usually gets overlooked, the imposter of common art blocks the sun like an eclipse.

See I can be arty too :)

This was nice.

It was too bad though that your skill didn't match your philosophy.
One chooses their path in life if one knows that they can. If you know you can, why not just not talk about it and react on it. Your views are more observant than actionary, and i like them but you need to develop.

On the other hand I love your animation, nice stuff.

I'd love to see more.

Nice meaning.

It was a great film, done well.

You lost a point becuase of the sound at the end. I had to turn my speakers down eitherwise it hurt my ears, and it kindof pulled me out of the film.

Otherwise, very nice.


First off, very nice job. I loved all the metaphors and your word play. Not to mention that you managed to combine 3 very controversial and interesting art mediums. Keep up the good work I would love to see more of your style!


if there was only one star you would get 1/1 thats abstract two. but since newgrounds isn't ill just give u a 10/10
great animation omg that was abstract and the most scary thing... i think your right!