Reviews for "[fishes]"

wow wow wow wow

i cant belive that it made so much sence i will rember that for ever and more then likly come back to watch it i am just speachless i...i dont know what to say anymore

too true.

man this was a really great flash. Keep at it.

Great flash

I don't care if the mesage wasn't the point, what you said made me think alot.

This just proved to me life is mostly meaningless and so is death, but it just also taught me that theres no such thing as a meaningful life, all we can do is prolong the meaningless life to avoid the unknown death.

Pretty... Confusing

haha very weird
I feel like my life doesn't make sense anymore!! AHHH

The Most Artistic Submission I've Seen

Its an amazing piece of art and writing. The music is chaotic but structured, much like the unconscious life we lead; as you so eloquently put. The art is also much like the message you are portraying. Your writing is very heartfelt, something I'm sure all of us can relate to at some point in our lives. Fantastic.