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Frag Assault

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Author Comments

Edit: Thanks for the front page! It means alot, guys! :)

All reviews will get responses :D

Click "Read more" for some tips I've just added ;)

Default controls
movement - WASD
fire - left click
pickup item - E
grenade - space
toggle weapon - Q

This game contains 3 different modes of gameplay, 8 different weapons, 2 different movement styles, customizable controls, detail settings (turning on/off certain effects which may slow down gameplay), original music, and an unlimited number of waves for a never ending challenge :)


Save grenades for large groups of enemies or firebats when you don't have any ammunition left.

You can slice the flame of firebats to kill them, although you'll end up taking a little damage.

Never stop moving.

Never waste ammo on spider mines (just backup while slicing them).

Resist picking up weapons as soon as they drop. Pickups don't dissappear, so save them for when you need them.

Kill firebats first, they're the most dangerous enemy.

Tanks can run you over, so stay the away from them. Unless you're pro, its a bad idea to try slicing them.

Lag is not nessecarily bad in this game, try right-clicking and setting the quality to high to make the game slow down.

If you're on a non-USB keyboard, then you probably wont be able to throw a grenade while moving diagonally. So let up one of the movement keys before trying to toss a grenade ;)

Hope those tips can help you achieve a higher score!

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I admit that the graphics and such hold up pretty well. What I did not like was how it was, well, too difficult for me. Everything just caused massive damage. Granted, I guess it really does depend on the settings. Glad I managed to learn that. The music was fairly good.

I've seen one man armies before, but this one seems weird even by most standards. Even Hank J. Wimbledon couldn't shoot down tanks! It is fairly easy to play in itself. You had a pretty good sense of mobility. I don't like that blood splatter effect.

Awesome Game!

I love this game, I really do. You die a lot but it takes a second to restart; it's great! My only complaint is the blood. Those little firebats are extremely hard to see when there's blood all over the screen. Otherwise, it's great!


sorry but can yall please get some 3d games cuz im not liking most of these

Great concept!

great concept! however, the difficulty of the game makes it difficult to enjoy.

Fun but WAY too difficult.

It was fun, and, the concept was good, but you made it too difficult. You can only carry one weapon at a time besides your sword and grenade. If you run out of weapons it is nearly impossible to get more because then you can't kill a monster without getting hit because you have to get so freaking close. The enemies move as fast, or even faster than you. Instead of a sword you should have a simple Pistol without INF ammo, so you don't have to get so close to kill an enemy. Make levels so the first level would be simple, next a little harder, etc.

Also, you might want to integrate health packs. And, make it so the blood on the...camera? is a little more transparent.

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2007
12:21 PM EST