Reviews for "Frag Assault"

very good

it good but it need a bit of a variety of flavor


This is a very good game, the style is fun and easy, and the comments when you die are amusing. and theanimation is good as well. My only slight problem is the fact that when you are near death, you can see very little which makes it very easy to die as you cannot see enemies/bullets - whether this is deliberate or not it is very annyoing!!


the good: got a good gameplay its got a good wepon a sortment

the bad: u need to add a health bar and health pick so when your about to die u can see thats when u need to see the most!!! maybe make it to wer u can carry more than 1 wepon

Too small too limited

A nice (but over done) concept, although it was too small and the character moved too slowly. Additionally there should be some kind of infinite ammo ranged weapon or more ammo drops.

meh, controls not working?

love the music and the vibe, but too many controls and i couldn't get my guy to move around no matter what kind of set-up i tried.