Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Preatty Sweat

For all of you stupid people out there that say the blood fucks up the game.. no it dont, because it is there as the purpose of your health and if you get hit its harder to play cause your dieng... but also the point of the game is to use stradegy.. not just blast everything to peices.... because your sword wont hold up shit against the big tanks... its best to save grenades for those, and use your pistol or w/e weapon u got for the flame throwers... and use your sword on the smaller tanks that shoot patterned bullets.... just read there timing and dodge there shit and go in for the kill...

ZT responds:

Hah! Someone figured out the strat ;)

Thanks for playing mayne :)

Amazingly adictive

This game is very addicting. Not only in gameplay, but the sounds, too. They fit the style well.

My only complaints are the health-blood thing and lack of health powerups.

You should either make health powerups, or make your health slowly regenerate. Having the screen 90% hidden is not fun at all...

You can keep the same feel without complaints if you have health regenerate, like most RTS games do nowadays. They coat the screen in blood to let you know if your about to die, and that goes away after a while. It'd fit this game perfectly, since most of the time, when you get hit by a large group of bullets or a flame thrower dude, you're gunna die anyways. Slow recharge, or fast recharge after no damage for a period of time is the way to go.

Brilliantly animated and coded. Very well done.

ZT responds:

... RTS games fill your screen up with blood?

Anyhoo, glad you liked it, and thanks for playing :)

Best graphics i have ever seen yet

These were like 110% graphics! I suggest you go pro and sell you games :).

ZT responds:

Bwhahah! Thanks for teh yummy wummy compliments, glad you liked it :)

good yet hard

verry good graphics n everything but hard

ZT responds:

Practice! ;)

Great game.

This game is freakin sha-weet. Very challenging and it gets more fun the more you play. The music was great and the interactivity was good. There were a couple of little bugs, like sometimes the pick-up would get stuck and it would let you pick up from across the screen. Actually, once it bugged out and would spawn the next wave when there was still one guy left. This actually made it really fun. Great weapons!

The bloodied screen was a nice addition but got a little obnoxious.
Once you get in range of those flame throwers, the game is over. They're a little over-powered considering the most powerful guys in the game are also the hardest to hit. If you run out of ammo and grenades or get cornered there is absolutely nothing you can do.
Bloodcurdling screams always enhance games.
When picking up a weapon that you're already using, have the ammo add together not replace.
The game would be a lot more interesting if you made health available in minimal amounts. If you screw up in the beginning you're screwed.
Throw in some different levels, maybe a boss. You could do a billion things with this game just because the setup is so great.

Other than that, this game was AWESOME!

ZT responds:

Har! Thanks for the lengthy review, those are all great tips for a sequel, we'll see what happens. Thanks for playing!