Reviews for "Frag Assault"


this game was awsome, my only complaint was that you lost ammo faster than you could regain it. Overall a great game, i gave a 0 for sound because i dont have speakers.

ZT responds:


Thanks for playing :)


This game is so goddamn addictive i havent sotpped playing for 3 days.

If youre going to make a frag assault 2, ive got a few suggestions that seem to be common. Make a weapons tier, make a life bar, and if you plan on keeping the weapons system the same, then make it so thta if you get the same gun, the ammo for it will stack, and not just over lap.

that last idea is prolly the best.

anyways thanks for the killer game

ZT responds:

Cool, thanks for the ideas, glad you liked it :)


it's basicaly not bad, but it's pretty unfair...

if you are lucky you get new guns otherwise you re fucked....

nice fire though :-D


ZT responds:

Wooo! Thanks for playing :)

Ima addicted :I

Well i got addicted to this cuz it is bunch of fun :) but the prob was that i run out of ammo 80% of times i played Anyways it was flawesome work :D 8/10

ZT responds:

Thanks for playing :)!

Good but...

Would have been better if it was easier. Once you run out of ammo u're pretty much screwed and i run out in like 12 enemies. Sword is useless against the flamethrowers..

ZT responds:

Or is it?! Read up on teh strat ;)
Thanks for playing!