Reviews for "Frag Assault"


pretty sweet game..but if you're going to limit ammo and weapons so ridiculously..at least provide a gun with unlimited ammo, or make the sword decent.

ZT responds:

You can kill any enemy pretty easily with the sword if you're any good at dodging (with the exception of the firebats of course). A major skill in this game is being able to conserve ammunition, taking advantage of splash damage, using the sword whenever you can, and fireing in bursts. Glad you liked the game, though ;D

haha funny and excelenta

great game i loved it but i kept dieing and i kept on saying over and over again that i will kick butt but i kept dieing and i kept on saying over and over again that i will kick butt but i kept dieing and i kept on saying over and over again that i will kick butt yh so in the end i got out my gun kept going in a circle and shooting then when the bullets ran out i got my sword kept swinging around and chopping them all in half ( when i say all i mean like 2 ) then i just died again. =[ but =] aswell !

ZT responds:

Ahahah, quite an experience! Thanks for playing :)


this game reminded meof the boxhead game where you have to kill the zombies. i agree with the person below me i also though that you should be able to hold as many weapons as you want and if you pick up the same weapon twice you get more ammo. like the single hand gun i think you got like 32 shots. if u picked up another one you should have gotten 64 for your ammo count. but it weas a pretty good game so keep up the good work.

ZT responds:

The ammo system is basically designed so you're forced to conserve ammunition. Pickups don't dissappear, so don't feel rushed to pick them up! Thanks for the review :)

Good game.

I like the style and the music. I do, however, think you should make it so you can pick up as many weapons as you want and keep them until you run out of ammo for them, then you discard them. I constantly found myself running through 5 enemies to get another weapon because mine just ran out of ammo. It would make things a little easier if you also picked up the ammo when you walk over the same weapon you are holding, or perhaps drop things of ammo for different guns instead of the guns themselves.

ZT responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the suggestions :)

Mostly Awesome

There is only one thing wrong with this game ;p
You run out of ammo awfully fast, and theres a chance that nobody will drop weapons for like another 3-4 rounds. This makes a players performance dependent on luck ;p
Countering this could be a randomly generated weapon on a fixed number of kills, or a fixed number of rounds, or a fixed weapon per round, etc.
And why not, more enemies and more weapons :D perhaps different levels with walls too ;p
Excellent game :)

ZT responds:

Aye, there is that luck variable in the game, but I find if you're able to make use of the sword then you'll almost always have another weapon ready before your ammo runs out. Thanks for playing, and thanks for your comments :)