Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Could be a lot better..

If you could pick up more than one gun, if the fire guys didn't basically kill you for not having a gun, and if you could move faster (I mean he's fighting for his life, I'd be movin fast) this would be so much better. But it's really unbalanced and frustrating, to get a high score would involve nothing but luck with weapon drops and enemy spawns.

ZT responds:

After a while, if you can learn to ration your ammo and use your sword well, drops shouldn't matter too much. Thanks for all of the suggestions! :)

Very good

great game. my only problem is the flamethrower guys did to much damage and the sword was'nt all that useful.

ZT responds:

Ah man! The sword is one of the most powerful weapons! Practice, practice, practice ;) Thanks for playing :)

heh awsome

only bad thing with this game is its way too hard (hear that alot dont ya?) those flamethrower guys are so powerful its beyond reason! then again i suck out loud at this considering i almost NEVER use my sword... but i dont like melee combat! oh well, my bad luck aint it? you watch though, give me another 5 hours of this and ill FINALLY be on the score board. Great game!

ZT responds:

Hahah! Yeah, lots of people biting the dust on those firebats. Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :)


Am I hearing part of the Legendary PorkChop Sandwhiches call in the background

ZT responds:

I've got no idea what a legendary porkchop sandwich is :P All of the vocals, if you can call them that, were done by me ;) Thanks for playing! :)

Great, great, GREAT !

Hi !

You have a pretty good game here ! The music is pretty sweet (there MUSt be good music in video games). In fact, I have nothing more to say than your game is pretty good, but I wanted to say it to you. It's really really nice to answer each comments, thanks !


P.S. Sorry for my english.
P.P.S. The music was REALLY great.
P.P.P.S I love you

ZT responds:

Thanks for all the compliments! I'm glad you liked the music, and thanks for playing! :)