Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Needs improvement

I pretty much agree with everyone else. I hardly scored a 10 after a good little while. Unfuck it and ill be liable to spend much more time playin...

ZT responds:

Thanks for playing :)

pretty cool wave assault game

i like wave assault games with a passion this is a good concept. i would have to say that more weapons would be awsome addition. make another version!

ZT responds:

Hah! Glad you liked it, thanks for playin it, you cool person, you :)

borderline blamworthy

ok great concept for a game, but get with the fuckin program, ONE gun!!! lack of ammo, and you might as well just make it one hit and your dead cuz thats about the style of it now. I love the katana idea but its useless againsts almost all the enemies cuz your dead b4 u can get into range. Love the game, totally addicting but you need to unfuck it.

ZT responds:

There's about 8 different guns, if I remember right. But you actually have to be able to kill some enemies to obtain them.

May-b u ken lyke unfuk ur gamr skll n get anudder wepon

Thanks for playing :D

Amazing game.. but..

It's a great game, it's just the fact that when you run out of ammo for your one gun, you have to rush with your sword and it's effective against almost every unit except for the ones that have flame thowers, and the giant tank with the double barrled cannon, that thing just runs you over lol. But all in all a good game, only thing is that in the end there is more luck required than I, personally, would like because you need to be lucky enough to get some more ammo, ive gone about 12 kills from the start of an assault game and have gotten no ammo before then I just get surrounded by some flame throwing units or something....

ZT responds:

Damned flamethrowers, so good at killing people.. Thanks for the positive review :)

Good but...

the guy is just to slow, i cant dodge have the pple cause their faster and u don't give out enough ammo. I rarely get enough bullets to last me for 4kills before im back to swingin the sword for another two before i get napalmed.

If you make the guy faster and give out more ammo it woud make it a great game.

ZT responds:

Sure thing, thanks for playing :)