Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Not bad at all,but needs inprovement

First,stuff with blood:P You dont need to spit whole screen with red when something hits player,it confuses when u have heavy battle at hand.
Second,yeah im gonna start yaping bout weapons and ammo.
As previouse guy stated,dont short our arsenal to 1 weapone at time.Also,give more ammo power ups,otherwise its easy to run dry even at 3rd wave.Another thing,I figure out u want this game to be a challenge,since u put online score,but give some medi-packs,otherwise when run out of ammo -ur toasted.Overal good game,and music rocks!!:D

Ps - maybe consider adding power ups to player stats as speed,fire rate and so?;] Good luck

ZT responds:

Ah, that p.s. is a pretty cool idea. Thanks for playin ;)

Soo close...

This really could have been a great game.

It is good, but not GREAT.

There can never be enough power ups and weapons. Especially protecting yourself from those flamethrowers.

Level variety would also be good... but not anything complicated. A simple wall or pillar here or there to prevent from being pinned in a corner would be great .

Please do not stop at this. You can perfect this game. Keep at it!

ZT responds:

So inspirational! Thanks for playing :)

What?! Only 1 Weapon and No Heals?

Alright, this game was good and all except for the fact that flamethrower guys whoop your ass if you have no grenades or ammo. You're dead end of story. Other then that you only get 1 weapon at a time other then the sword, oh and grenades. If the ammo isn't gonna stack then at least give me more then 1 gun at a time. Sometimes I'll go on 2 or 3 waves without getting a new gun to use cause my old one was out or getting low.

C'mon man, your killin me here.

ZT responds:

Try conserving your ammo and using it efficiently, you shouldn't have any probs ;)

Thanks for playing!

Very very very fun

I really did enjoy this game it really was alot of fun. Just a few things though
1) When wepons were picked up the other wepon was droped, add that to the small amout of weapons that were dropped per amount of guys that you had to kill and very very often you were up against a tank with a sword
2) No health drops? bugus.
3) The militia with the flame throwers were the hardest, this isn't nessicarily a bad thing they were just hard to hit and did aaaaalot of damage.

The game was hard but thats not a bad thing though. I just wish there were an easy button.

Keep up the good work.

ps- I want a flame thrower gun. No fair the enemies get one I don't.,

ZT responds:

I knew we forgot something, damn. Thanks for playing, cool ideas :)

A big fan of Starcraft, eh?

- You emulated the title font style from Starcraft.
- You stole the "Firebat" flame infantry unit from Starcraft.
- You stole the "Spider Mine" kamikaze bot from Starcraft.

The game is fun. The concept works well. But if you're going to borrow so blatently from another game, you should at least mention it somewhere. A tribute to another game is one thing, but ripping-off someone else's style (even little things like names and font) without mention of where you got them from is just lame. You could have at least mentioned how your style is inspired by Blizzard's most kickass game ever.

It hurts to say it since your game is so much fun, but...
Be more original, or give credit where it's due.

The rest of your game kicks ass.

ZT responds:

I assure you that Blizzard was not the first game company to make use of kamakazi units or firebats. Their StarCraft font is available for free. :P

I am a HUGE fan of the game, and I'm sure Blizzard wouldn't mind in the slightest that they had inspired a couple of units for a flash shooter game :P

Thanks for playing! :)

p.s. Maybe we can melee sometime, I'm in the WCG ;)