Reviews for "Frag Assault"

way cool

This is an awesome game! yet another thing to do when i should be doing homework. why couldn't homework be this fun? anyway, i have a couple of suggestions (really suggestions not complaints) I like the idea of only carrying one gun at a time but putting a little more ammo per gun would be cool, or like adding ammo from the same gun if you pick up a gun you already have rather than replacing it. Death is really easy, idk if im just bad at this (perfectly posible, lol) or it really is easy to die, but some more vitality could be helpful too. I think thats about it, amazing job, i'll be playing for a while!

ZT responds:

Hahah, cool! Yeah, the game definitely doesn't give you too much HP to live on, but it makes achieving a high score that much more impressive. Thanks for playing! :)

and the croud goes wild!

yes this is the game! this is the best game ive seen this year. you really did a great job

ZT responds:

I'm glad you liked the game, sir, thanks for playing! :)

Nice, but...

Friggen awesome game. Wasted forever playing it haha.

Only thing that was moderatly annoying were the flamethrowers. Once they got 1 hit on you it was over, you couldnt escape the range of them suckers.

Other than that incredible, and im probably just being a whiney little bitch lol.

ZT responds:

Hahah, pretty much everyone is having a hard time getting past those darned firebats. Glad you liked the game, thanks for the review :)

Oh man!

Hey, great job and grats on front page. The gameplay was great and the music was really cool, too.

ZT responds:

You have bitchin' hair, man. Thanks for playing :)

Great Game.

Dude, there's only few games I found as addictive as this one. It really rocks! Excellent work. You achieved to make it really addictive and let's you get to know better techniques as you play it. The music is really cool also. The only thing I don't like is that some of the success you can is due to the weapons the guys leave and sometimes they don't leave any so you run out of ammo which is kinda frustrating; some others you have lots of weapons all over the floor, so I think it's part luck. Though, that's only my opinion. It's a great game!

ZT responds:

Thanks for the kind words, sir! I'm glad you liked the game :)