Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Critics are a bunch of daffodils.

Yes, the inability to carry more than a single clip in a single gun was annoying. But don't listen to those losers whining about the difficulty. If you don't like using the sword, freakin AIM! Don't get another gun until you can't finish the next wave with your remaining ammo! If you can kill multiple enemies with a grenade, DO IT! Don't waste any ammo on those spider things! KILL THOSE GODDAMN FLAMETHROWER GUYS FIRST, and when you do, DON'T just mash on the trigger! Stay calm and fire 1 or 2 shots at a time, or you'll miss, run out of ammo, and get fried. I figured this stuff out in two minutes, and I get to around wave 30 every time, which I think is not too bad.

Over all, a very good game once you adapt to its quirks. It's like a lunch break sized Crimsonland. Then again, Crimsonland is lunch break sized, so this is probably cigarette break sized. Don't change the difficulty, and don't change the blood! That has so much more style than a life bar. And really, shouldn't things get harder after you've got 3rd degree burns and a tank shell stuck in your leg?

My only real gripe is that I can't figure out what those numbers mean at the end. The ones like "You've killed 728 tons of radio shack equipment" or something. I don't get it. But whatever. Good game.

ZT responds:

Heheh, kinda like a mini strategy guide in this review. The numbers at the end are part of a super duper secret code. Thanks for playin, man, I'm supa glad you liked it :)

pretty cool

Pretty cool if you have time to cool if you have time to kill but if you dont pretty boring.

ZT responds:

Thanks for playing :)

it has spirit in it

its not a half bad game i dont know if its me or if its just the game but its a little dull after a min or 2

ZT responds:

It's what you make it, thanks for playing :)

I agree with the last guy

It sucks when you run out of ammo and then try to get in close with the sword and get killed in 2 shots. It's an alright concept, but as it is now it could stand to use a graphical upgrade.

ZT responds:

I'd loooove to do bigger more powerful graphics, but then it simply wouldn't run very good on most peoples' computers. Thanks for playing :)


but i think if that if the pistol is the weapon u start out with, then u should at least give it infinate ammo. cuz that thing runs out fast and when it does then your stuck with some little sword that isnt really the best weapon against guys with guns and flamethrowers. and its kinda hard to see when all that blood covers up the screen. but other than that, nice job.

ZT responds:

Glad ya liked it, thanks for playing :)