Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Oh my!

Man, this game is awesome. I've never seen something like that. It was very hard, though. I could made it until wave 25. Was that good?
The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that when you get shot, the screen goes red (blood). That's actually cool, but when you get shot too much (almost diyng) the screen goes too much red. You can barely see something. It shoud be transparent or something.
Anyway, 5 out of 5. Great game.


That was cool but a bit hard, ill practice more but nice one.

Pretty fun

Nice game, pretty difficult but that just means you practice more =p. And to those flaming the sword, its an amazing weapon! Does alot more damage than most of the guns in the game.. It just requires a bit more skill to use, and is a bit worthless against anything equipped with a flamethrower >.<. But I found ammo and grenades to be plentiful enough to handle the flame-flinging bastards if you sworded liberally.. Overall nice job


when u run out of anmo u have to use a sowrd, and then u get killed in 5 seconds. wepoans rarly appear, so u die in wave 4 or when u kill 6 enimes. can't u make a far range secondary wepons like a dart or something like that?

Pure Greatness

I enjoy this game so much! Only thing that i can think of that would make it even cooler would be to put it into a 3rd person shooting mode. GREAT JOB!!

ZT responds:

3rd person shooting mode, eh? Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)