Reviews for "Frag Assault"

To hard

I would say this is a really hard game. You should of made it so you dont have to press a key to pick up a weapon. This game is okay. Though its really hard.

ZT responds:

Sorry about the difficulty, glad you liked it anyways :)


"This game would be cool if you made it more easy to win" lololol noobs
why doesn't he just make it so you instantly win? that would be fun right? no. yeah this game is pretty hard, but it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't a challenge.

ZT responds:

How the fuck do you fit that much ownage into one review? Well done, sir. Well done.

This game ia awsome... but

And there is a BIG butt... where are all the health pick ups?
U die after about six seconds cos u run out of ammo, then u hav to use ur sword, but then those guys with the flamthrowers get u!
Health pick-ups and more ammo need, then this game wud be simply awsome and... no buts i think :)

ZT responds:

Sorry about the difficulty, glad you liked it regardless :)

And I had high hopes

When I first started the game I thought it would go well... it dod not. The graphics got a zero because it was so laggy I could not see them, the style was average, the sound was just plain annoying, VERY violent (my favorite part), interactivity got a low score cause I hated having to tap E every time I needed ammo, and humor is a zero cause it after I was done I was not smiling...
Overall, it had potential, but it ultimately sucked. :(

ZT responds:

I are sorry you dod not get a smile :"(
Thanks for playing :)

good but flawed

The only problem is you run out of ammo almost immediately, and you have to push e button to pick up more while getting attacked from all sides. I would reccomend that ammo gets picked up automatically. Or give the sword more power.

ZT responds:

Flawed enough to be flawsome? Har har har! Thanks for playing :)