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Jingle Ballistics

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Christmas Combat: seasonal characters battle it out in a classical 2D 1 vs 1 beat 'em up!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, A and S to punch, Z and X to kick, A + S for special when charged.

Each character has strengths and weaknesses.

This game marks the debut of gavD's new Versus Effect 1 on 1 fighting game engine. You cannot change the controls in Jingle Ballistics, but future VE games will have this facility.


A nice fighting game! But a little weak.

This game was heavily exploitable. The _MINISCULE_ range got me playing around, and I found a few serious problems.

1: The AI never seems to block ranged jump attacks.

2: You can hit a combo attack while blocking! Bad bad bad!

3: Elf is too skinny. The enemies never get into range to hit him right.

4: There are no "dash and attack" or "hit and away" or "divebomb" attacks. It was almost all melee, so it got boring fast, and the enemy had no way to break cheap tactics.

5: Blocking makes you invincible. This makes for lots of cheap, simple tactics that always win.

6: Nothing explained how to use the special attacks. Maybe I missed it.

7: There was no "trash talk before each fight" scene where they say random things. This coulda added another layer of amusement to the game.

8: A lack of special, tricky-to-pull-off combo moves. The only combo was "fast attack a lot".

This has a solid system set up, and could be nice. It's brought down about half the notches though by lacking a few important things to fighting games... 1: Combo moves. 2: Flashy special effects (the stars got old fast since they didn't do anything, just appeared for an instan then disappeared without shimmering or sparkling or fading away) 3: The ability to low-kick your opponent when they're blocking high, and vice versa and 4: Grappling moves.

gavD responds:

It's a quick little game written for Christmas - I'm not Capcom!

I take your points, though - the small characters made my job as a programmer difficult too - the VE engine supports different damage zones for crouch/stand but these characters were so small as to make that unworkable.

This is a simple, fun game, it's not really intended for hardcore players. When Versus Effect itself comes out, that is a more complete fighting game.

Nice game

Nice games are rare on NG but you did one. That was funny and i put 4 on humor for the funny voices. There is one thing i'm just wondering about... why did you put cpu vs cpu on versus mode??? Lol anyway i'm so dumb that i tried it and they are so dumb that they were trying to hit eachother but couldn't and they kept doing this for 2 minutes and i got bored so i closed the window. The toy is strong too. Anyway nice game but you need to work on graphics a bit.

gavD responds:

CPU vs CPU is a Versus Effect engine feature so we left it in - it's going to be for demo/attract mode for future games. In this game, the AI is not as good as future VE games because the character's limbs are so short, making calculation of what move to do difficult. This is why they punch a load of air unless you're playing and get in close.

not bad!

Some more moves, more characters, and you got a hit!

gavD responds:

We could have added more moves, but it would have got a little to complicated... For a quick and easy to play Flash game, we decided that 4 characters with 12-16 moves each was enough.

This sucked ass

I didnt like it very much ( cause i got beat up by santa =P )

nah just kidding, its a pretty cool game but a bit lame

gavD responds:

Santa pwn5 j00!


it was nice i beat the game in 1 time with losing 1 time though so i didnt think it was t o hard, it was ok/easy

i liked to play this game it was ok not great but not bad either.

gavD responds:

Cheers Billy!

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3.70 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2005
2:00 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS