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UPDATE AUG 16th: Second place! ^_^ I love you all!

At a good 13.5 minutes length, I do hope you won't bail out of this intellectual contribution to the Portal. Remember, that patience is a virtue, and you might even enjoy it. To all viewers and NG-users, fellow Clocks and Locks, happy Clock Day! Don't drink and drive after the party ^_^

It is advised to run this movie on Medium quality during the speech - the lipsync is very frame-intensive. I tried to work past slowdowns, but in the end of that scene, there might be minor slowdown, hardly noticeable though.

Special thanks to Rynn Simonsdochter and Amy Rawcliffe for their help and support.

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i saw G.I.R ^^
hope???nahhh just liv reality till it's blank dude.
theres no specific way to liv life on,screw hope.just be in reality.
hope?hope is an emotion we do not need it,we just use it.
say,Mr.Clockmonster. religious ppl r gonna hate you.
jesus died cuzz he pushed the being nice topic and questioned G.O.D so ppl kalld em a blasphemer.and killd him.now he's supposebly our savier or something.i was born and grew up playing videogames while having annoying backstabbing friends that turned me antisocial.there is no answer to anything in reality.how do i know if science is real,if magic does really exist.just live reality till u die i would say.because im mentally ill and is not so smart.why are we here...............

It was great though the hope part is kinda wrong;)

I say that hope doesnt make our emotions flow.
I think that is all us and we are controlled by our love our hate our suffering and joy every single emotion we make.
Nothing is certain so the idea about having your life planned is just generally wrong.
And we might well be the dreaming butterfly but does it actually matter what we are.
I say no what matters is what we can become.
Humans are shaped by what happens to them.
For eksample im 15 now 10 years ago i got a 3 degree burn all over my right cheek.
This will never go away but im actually glad it makes me im looking at the world like few others can.
Nothing that happens to you is actually hardships they are all things to learn from for the better or the worse.
This is the very heart of man as i see it.
And i have experienced man more than most people.


- That's one of the best Flash I've ever seen on NG ever.

- Reel Big Fish are great

- The Clock Crew is awesome

- And now to the philosophical content: Actually hope isn't the reason for life, if you ask me. It defines us, that's right. But a definition is not a reason.
In my opinion hope is a motivation. A motivation that will help you set up a personal goal in life. When you have found your goal, you will start trying to achieve it. Then, as soon as you have achieved it, you will set another goal, for you can never be content without moving towards a goal. In the end you will come to the point, that there is no reason at all. I have accepted the non-existance of meaning of life, since I don't think I need one. To me finding happiness and living the best life I can is a lot more important than any meaning of life as a whole could be.

An intelligent movie, indubitably.

Though I would debate the pronunciation of a few of the names, it's clear you're done at least a little research on the history of philosophy. What surprised me was how you could convey it so it would not bore simple ears, and yet still question the well learned.

The credits provided much needed comic relief after being slammed with information for ten solid minutes. I've thought about all of these things myself, and many others since I read the book "Sophie's World" by Joseinn Gardner (spelling of the authoress may be a bit off). I highly recommend it to an intelligent mind like yourself, and any other that may be out there.

To resume commenting on the movie, I felt that the character design and graphics were both unique and adorabe. I think the movie needs a pause button, just to take a break and to either ponder or otherwise. Also, while I appreciate the lip sync and varying expressions of the protagonist, our beloved Da Dinictus, I think it's a reasonable assumption for people to be more concerned with reading the subtitles than interpretting his facial quirks.

Finally, moving on to challenging the ideas presented in the movie itself, I can't say there's a great deal to challenge at all. There were more questions than statements, but I do debate one point you brought up. If everything is predestined, if we have no choice in what we do because someone or something already planned out our lives, there is still meaning. Because we do not know our destinies, what's going to happen next, we have the ability to make choices that will, theoretically, ultimately lead us to fulfil our fate. Choice is an illusion, but because we can't prove that, we're happy believing we have some control of our own lives.

Personally I'm not for existentialism. I had to look into it for a high school project last year, and when I had finally sorted out my thoughts after days on end, I realised I was sick of the notion. You're right though. Without hope, there is no will. Without hope, there is no chance. Without hope, there is no ability, nor reason, nor anything. Hope is a truly wonderful thing. Something to be cherished and nurtured, and something that will refresh us in return. It can be found in each of us, and can bring light to the darkest of places.
"It bends, it twists, it sometimes hide, but rarely does it break. It sustains us when nothing else can."
(those two quotes came from my present wallpaper- it'sj ust a daily reminder that no situation is ever hopeless until one gives up hope).

Anyway, I've given my little dip in philosophy. I hope I've provided some insight with my incessant ramblings. I still have one question, more puzzling, a larger conundrum than I have ever encountered, greater than all aforementioned questions in the film put together;

Why "R"?


The only Clock Flash I have ever liked.

Wow. This was an intelligent Flash. Not too many of those are around these days. And it was also the only Clock Flash I've ever enjoyed (the Clock rendition of Oasis' "Wonderwall" was horrid in my opinion and I feel they did the song injustice (I love that song)). But enough about that; Philosophy time (I love Philosophy!):
What I've come to realise after many years of thoughtful ponderings is that there may be no pre-determined purposes for our existence (if we truly have any), but that we should forge our own purposes, our own reasons for being here; we should not have to rely of what we may or may not be made to do. For example: say a robot was made to be a killing machine by a mad scientist and was activated. This robot, though, has the potential of being a killing machine, but instead becomes a peace activist. He forged his own purpose and did not have to rely on the purpose his creator intended. And there might not have been any purpose for the robot's creation; have you ever doodled just for the sake of doing it, without any real purpose? Well, the robot, then, if not having any initial purpose, but just created on a whim, can still forge his own reason for being. That's just 1 theory, though. :)