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very good

I know you and I havn't realy talked to one another, but i enjoyed your views on many thing, i find my self feeling the same way as you do, good job


This is a fantastic piece of work.
Very deep, while keeping it light.
Serious philosophy combined with a good sense of humor, reminds me to laugh at serious things, and to be serious about laughter!

-Herr Rindfleischdunst

Man, so close...

I loved the philosophical ideas and concepts in this, and it was really a great movie...but the ending was so unneccessary and just played on cheapness. The epilogue was okay, but I think most of the Ridley idea and everything was just...off-track of the important stuff.

I liked it...

...but you are wrong. The meaning of life is simple. The purpose for it is ever present. Read more Plato.
Fate in impractical, but chance and free will is illogical if you believe souly in them.
The why of existance has a flaw. It would have to have an end. Does existance have an end? You must think of both.
Hope is an oddity, it is a word. What are you hoping for? Is it not a weaker form of anouther word, to assume? Do you approve of assuming then?
This review might never be read, but being a phylosopher, I felt I had to post something.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Perhaps. I see hope as not only wishing, and most certainly not 'assuming', but also as to strive and to experience. Hopes can drive one and break one.

If anyone'd ask me 'what could change the nature of a man', I would answer them the same: Hope guides us, makes us strive and life for what we wish to persue for ourselves and for others.

...Am I being too utopic, now?

Hmmm why good question

That is a good question indeed I find that there is no awnser I do not believe that there is no awnser to what or why is the meaning of life sort of like what you said i find it better off not knowing