Reviews for ""R""

This movie was fucking awesome.

This is definitly one of the best newgrounds videos I've ever seen. It even caused to me get a login name to right a review. The only problem was the ending text was kinda fast.

v cool

sweet ^_^


Just when u think someone here has a shred of maturity... U c the ending of this movie...

Da-Dinictus responds:

It's called random insanity, and a little comic relief. True, could've kept it out. And then, of course, have it blammed on Clock Day Eve.


I didn't really expect someone that intellectualy would be a newgrounder, less a part of the clock crew.
I hate generalising, but experience makes it impossible not to.

In any case, your flash was not astounding as a flash film, but I did enjoy your views, and the content deserved the 10 and 5 I'll give.

Your views are really interesting, and I agree on most of it, I would share my own thoughts of my excistence, but, I'm in a bit of a hurry as of now, so, ta.


is life you do what you wont with it