Reviews for ""R""


I was massing around looking for thing to review that how i found this it is good

Ah yes.

I must add this classic to my favourites at once. I love it how you basically attempted to define reality. It's been a while Dini, if you read this I would like to catch up with you on AIM or MSN or what not.

(or as you would remember me "HeadLock")


So...what you're really saying is, "Look at me! Look at me! I took a Philosophy 101 class at a community college! I am flowing with intelligence! Bow down and worship my wisdom, for none of you have ever thought about any of these things when you were say...14 years old! Certainly not! My wisdom has come from my years of experience and my Intro to Philosophy class, so worship me!" Yeah. Uninspiring.

Da-Dinictus responds:

No Philosophy classes, chief. At least take the time to perhaps either have read the other, more earlier reviews, and consider the context under which "R" was submitted - Clock Day and with little serious Flash having been uploaded onto the Portal in a loooong time.

But to each their opinion. At least bother to take your time to come over remotely intelligent, yourself, first, and review fairly. Judging your other reviews, you do took your time with those and judged on the execution as well, rather than content alone.

...More content than any of your Flash, but that's besides the point =)

mooi gedaan en ook een goeie point

tsja wat velt er nog meer te zeggen?


alright, where did you copy that speech from?

. . . well ok, maybe you didn't. in all honesty it was pretty good, but it was nothing i haven't heard before, or hasn't been said before. it's definitely way too long though; i had trouble paying attention halfway through.