Reviews for ""R""

My review for this is hilariously late.

I shall start off by saying that this is not the first time that I have viewed this fantastic movie. Don't worry, though- this isn't the first time I've given it a 5! ^_^ (That emoticon is starting to grow on me...)
As this was my introduction to the Clock Crew (and Dinictus himself), I'm inclined to love the Clock Crew, rather than hate them or even feel so-so about them.

This is the best movie on Newgrounds that I have ever seen, though admittedly some things by LegendaryFrog come close. But this is different. It's intelligent and very philosophical. Every time I watch it it makes me think.

Though I have little to no experience with the Clock Crew (though I have seen B ^_^ (there it is again)), if Dinictus is a member, they must be a great group.

But I prattle on. If you haven't seen this flash animation before, do yourself a favour and watch it.
Now I am beginning to wonder why I bothered to write this, as the odds are, nobody will read it. But I'm proud to "revive" this classic with this review.

Da-Dinictus responds:

I was almost starting to wonder if you'd ever get to reviewing this, mate. Thanks for the kind words.

Myself, I'm just 'one of the guys' in the Crew - we're a big community of friends and artists, and I'm sure there are lots of movies of the CC that'll suit your tastes, regardless of them being made by Clocks or not.

Legendary Frog? Don't mention his name with mine in a single sentence - he's way above me in terms of humour, animation and Flash art, I say.

Again, thank you for the review. Now, for some GameFAQs-internal matters: let me thank you here for the "Legacy of CJayC" out in the NG-open - we all loved it. Dini out.


A marvelous addition to Newgrounds, one of the few intellectual pieces that shine amongst the...rest of NG. As far as our existence, I would agree to existing for the sake of it. Don't ask why, ask why not. Why we're here is unimportant when compared to why we're fighting each other other the most moronic things when we could all be enjoying ourselves, having fun, and free sex for all! Sorry, got a little carried away there.
Great job, one of the few clock-crew flashes I've watched and enjoyed...Perhaps I shall delve into some more.


Da-Dinictus responds:

Nothing to worry about. It's a philosophy on its own, is it not?
Thank you for watching "R". If you'll excuse me, I have some matters to attend to myself... Oh Kabuu...?


That flash was one of few on newgrounds that got me thinking, job well done indeed, but i have to say that loading screen kicked soo much ass!

Da-Dinictus responds:

Thank Tritoch for that one.
And thank you for watching "R".

Quick! Get Samus!

Ridly has got the clock! Do something!

Da-Dinictus responds:

Oooh! Threesome! ^_^


u asked me to leave a review, yet my review has all been said already.....in your flash.
I am only fifteen and I have been thinking the same as you all my life....why?
i still have questions to be answered, places to go, and things to find out, until my thoughts and journies are acomplished, i shalln't be one wuth my self...
magnificent work in expressing yourself, the flash was quite simple tho...

---your friendly newgrounds critic---