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so... I am not alone...

I see that there are oher people in this world who have the same basis of thought of life, and existance as I do. I pretty much agree and accept this explaination. I believe though that everthing around us is the product of some1 else's thoughts and doing's. I think that everything is.... balanced.. i guess you can say. Take for example the placement of our planet... It is the exact distance from the sun as not to incinerate us or to freeze us over... were are smack dab in the middle of the two. It maybe luck that we even exist at all. yet we force ourseves, as you said, to create images of greater importance and power to explain things... I think since life began for us we've started thinking of ways to make things easier, for ourselves... which leads into the fact that maybe we are just a selfish race of creatures. We try to become better then everyone around us, and we would even go to such lengths as to destroy our own kind. What was the point of wars in the first place? I'll tell you what it was... it was to excert our dominance of others. Some people say they want to live a perfect life... then what is perfect? Is it having all the knowledge, the money, the love, and everything? But if anyone were ever to reach that point... there would be nowhere to go but down, and continue living the life that you hated in the first place. ARGH! running out of space to type! Really good animation man, plz do more!!

o_o *Eyes water*

It was beautiful and understanding, but yet, one thing I ponder....

neat one

very intertesting animation you got here. i liked this one. it had a pretty good plot and concept to it too.
glad to see this one win an award too.

How deep.

Very good, man.

How I see it?
Religion and sciense alike are in search of answers that they will probably never be able to answer. Let me explain with a conversation between the two: (Note: I don't think alot of religious persons are pursued so easy.. but just for the point of arguement)

Science: "We are. But why?"
Religion: "God made us"
S: "Why did He make us?"
R: "To glorify Him"
S: "Then what is Hís purpose?"
R: "I do not know, but that is the same problem as you have; you do not know 'why'."
S: "Agreed. Then, by any chance, do you know how God came to be?"
R: "God is, was, and will be. He was not created."
S: "Why? How is that possible?"
R: "I do not know. But yet again, that is your problem as well, is it not? How was man created?"
S: "In other words, we should ask ourselves: 'why is there existance?'"
R: "Is it then not nice to feel like there is a goal to life?"
S: "Not if that goal isn't built around facts, but things that 'could be'. But how is it possible that there is existance in the first place? Logically, we shouldn't exist.
R: "Thus, our existance is preset."
S: "No, because the existance of someone or something to 'preset' us is just as unlogical. And then, what about free will?"
R (can't answer the question, then realises it): "Well .. ehm .. There .. is none?" (reason I don't believe in the bible, but I believe a God or supreme being míght exist)
S: "To be honest, according to consequences, everything is preset in our view as well."
R: "Then there is no reason.."
S: "It's 50/50. Just like every one of these important questions noone can answer is 50/50. How can we exist? Well, how can we not exist. See what I mean with 50/50?"
R: "Yes. But I can tell you this: if not belief than hope shall guide me."

This is the problem with both religion and science. I believe religion was something to make people have a higher goal that would make sure they did not do unethical things. Alass, ethics change, and religion does not.
Science was created to dispute religion, and as greatest weapon it used just the same illusion religion did: an answer to a millenia old question which was not really an answer.
Religion says: "God created us", which sounds like an explanation, and is in truth an illusion of an answer. Because, who created God?
Science says "The big bang/insert random theory created us", but how did the Big Bang/random theory come to be?

Even now that the big bang is (sort of) proven, it still is no question and raises many more, such as: "did God control the big bang?"

I do not believe in free will, but I also think it doesn't matter to us. Wé do not know what will happen, so why should we care that things can't be changed, if we do not know the future and thus present ourself an illusion of free will? Is that so bad? At least it doesn't harm anyone.

If there was no hope, there was no love, no guilt, no nothing. So hope indeed is perhaps the best answer available to us.

Why do humans have feelings and animals don't? Because our brains are so developed that we need hope as a reason, simply because we ask ourselves for it. Animals don't ask 'why', so they don't need feelings.


I liked the movie :). Very weird ending btw.

Nice very nice!

In gods we sought An eazy awnsers. Eventuly once each god is disproven, there is only one god Call him Alla call him Jesus.
And we have free choice which he gave us, but we make ironicly we make choices that make us lose free choice by electing dictators! Strang how it works poeple lose control because we have it. But hope will allways got us out!

PS, the end was funny ending and had music