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Get the Message Out!

Ok, first the actual review...although all tens might seem high it is purposeful...the lack of violence in something so thought-provoking is appropriate...and the humor is left to the end...giving you a good feeling after the serious thought. Likewise it is quiet during the speech...leaving only the sound of your deep words and the hum of my computer.

As to your points, I agree wholeheartedly...i propose however not to simply wonder why and ask the profound questions...but also to cause others the same thing...granted some won't be able to grasp it...many will with time...but you have taken the first step to making life make more sense for some people...and should be applauded for that...as well as your commendable flash animation skills. I myself am taking similiar steps...i am only 17...but i am starting to write a book to help explain why people should ask why...and if every person who understands this tries to make another understand and so on...the world will be a better place. Our purpose in life right now...should be helping others realize their purpose in life...please...anyone who reads this...join this quest...spread knowledge...and more importantly...the desire for knowledge. These are my views, given in return for your own. anyone who can and will, please share yours too.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Over 500 reviews with people sharing their own views on life, my friend. I do believe this movie just did what I wanted it to do: inspire people to share their thoughts with each other.

I've heard of quite a few friends having met up on each other through their shared interests for Flash movies, and "R" is no exception. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Thanks for your review.

So true

Da_Dinictus, You have the most thought provocking of all the clocks. You seem so true to your word. You should make another moving like this.

Green Lantern Clock

oh and sorry about being being raped by Raidly

Da-Dinictus responds:

Moer liek Ridley!

Kekek. Thanks, Green.


Well it's a releif to know there is someone out there with more than a brain cell or two. To all those people who didn't get it, ignorance is bliss. You may have lost 13 minutes, but trust me, thats all you lost. For those of you who did get it, we're gonna carry that weight. Dinictus don't listen to the ones who don't like it. If you made at least one person think then you did your job.

Da-Dinictus responds:

The ones that don't like it and support their oppinions in less a coherent fashion than the Josti band can make music are usually a source of laughter for me, my friend.

Thank you for your kind review. Glad you enjoyed my submission for Clock Day.


didn't understand a thing... yet! Entertaining. Now how the hell do you make anything like that :-)

Da-Dinictus responds:

Take Flash, a clean mind, and fuck it up with beer along the way.

Da Dinictus.

Thank you. This past summer I worked the midnight to 6 am shift at our radio station. New Grounds was the only entertainment that I had. One day, I stumbled upon "R", one of the greatest things I have ever seen. You have enough people prattle on about how beautiful your artistry and words are, and not enough of our own views...so I offer mine own.

Purpose is what we are all seeking. Most are weighted down in meaning, why, what for, there are just questions. We ask them as if anyone could answer them...or is it to confirm our existance? Why? We will never know why. If we EVER find out WHY we are here...we will know everything.

All have a purpose, no matter what religion, or lack thereof, we cannot deny that we all have a purpose. Sure we all may feel lost and worthless sometimes, but everyone feels that on occasion. We are all young, and it is disheartening to see those younger than I have given up on life already...sad, and yet puzzling at the same time. We have our whole lives to figure things out. That seems like a grand enough time for anyone.

Searching for meaning withing a meaningless void, seems too depressing to me. I find my own center, my own peace, my own world. Just as muscles need excersise to life so doth the mind. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

It is good to see that one such as you exist in this world. There are not nearly enough thinker with an open mind such as yours good sir. We are an elite few when it comes to minds, but it doesnt have to be! We can change, educate, and save everyone one person at a time.

May Lord Akmann bless you.

Da-Dinictus responds:

Thank you kindly for your words. I'm rather glad this little movie offered both entertainment and some insights to you, and I'm glad you shared them.

Thanks for the review. It was an interesting bit of text on your own insights.

May B watch over you. ^_^